Introduction: Easy Tissue Paper Flower Pen

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These flower pens make the perfect handmade favour for your party. The flowers are really easy to make and use them not only on pens, but also in garlands or as other decorations such as a gift topper!

The tissue is inexpensive and can be easily found in a lot of wonderful colours.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Tissue paper - any colour!



floral tape or masking tape (floral tape is better but I didn't have it so I found an alternative)

Step 2: Preparing Petals

Cut out rectangles, six larger and five smaller ones. (you can use more or less petals, the size of the flower will depend on the number and size of petals)

Mine were 7 by 11 cm. and 5 by 7 cm.

Cut out through several layers of tissue papers at once, so you get similar pieces without all the work.

Fold stacks of petals lengthwise then curve one end.

Step 3: Twisting Petals

Separate the individual leaves. Starting on the straight end, twist it. Repeat with the rest, until you have the desired amount of petals.

Step 4: The Middle of the Flower

Crumple a piece of tissue paper into a ball. Cut out a rectangle piece of tissue paper, cover the ball, and twist around the ball.

For the stem of the flower, I used a pipe cleaner but wire can be used too,

Use a piece of tape to attach the middle of the flower to the wire by the twisted end.

Step 5: Forming the Flower

Now attach the petals, one by one, by wrapping small pieces of tape around the wire and the twisted end of the petal. First add the small petals, then the larger ones.

Finish with another piece of tape around the base of the flower.

Step 6: Make a Flower Pen!

Twist the wire or the pipe-cleaner part of the flower around the pen. Position the flower over the top end of the pen. Now wrap pieces of tape around the wire and pen to finish.

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