Introduction: Toasty TARDIS Blanket

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Hide from Weeping Angels. Avoid Deletion by Cybermen and Extermination by Daleks.  Travel through Space & Time in your very own TARDIS!  OK maybe not really, but you can stay warm watching The Doctor and his companions do these things, from your very own sofa at home (or maybe on the go).

In true geek fashion, I am always looking for new ways to show off my love for Doctor Who.   I created this Toasty TARDIS blanket using a fleece blanket I purchased for $6 in a Black Friday sale and embellished it with fleece I purchased online for $1.99 a yard (usually $7-$14 a yard).  It's similar to a pieced quilt of sorts; it measures 60"x40"

An easy project, as nearly all components are rectangular in nature (except for the swirlies in the background and the emblem on the TARDIS).  Flannel is the main material used, though the signage was painted by hand with fabric paint.

You will need:
1 polyester fleece blanket (any size, any color) -for the base 

2 yards black sparkly/glittery polyester fleece (for space background)
2 yards dark blue polyester fleece (for TARDIS)
Black fabric paint (for signage)
White fabric pant (for signage)
2-3 yards white polyester fleece (for swirlies and TARDIS signage)

Thread -blue, black, white
Sewing machine (or if you have the time and patience, you can sew this by hand)
Seam Ripper (in case you need to pick out stitches that decided to go wibbly on you...)
Ruler - for making straight lines and making sure everything is the right/same size

I didn't use a pattern per se - I just cut out the different pieces of material for each component.  There isn't much cutting, since most everything is square or rectangular in shape. 

TARDIS body (One very large rectangle ~ 21"x36", Two 2"x23"  strips (top & bottom panels), Two 2"x36" strips (side panels) one 2"x 18" strip(top panel), one 4"x4" square, with the center cut out(for the beacon)
TARDIS panels: 5 blue, one white and 2 windows (Black, white & grey); one small square of pale yellow polyester fleece for TARDIS beacon light

I painted the signage on the white panel.
I cut out the St. John Ambulance  emblem from a piece of white fleece and sewed it to one of the blue panels

Hem all pieces (panels, base, swirlies, etc).

Piece together TARDIS and place everything in the appropriate positions.

Add swirlies to glittery fabric.

Sew TARDIS to background (to make topper).

Attach topper to base (Fleece blanket)

Stay warm :)

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