Introduction: Toilet-Top Garden

I saw this toilet garden:

I immediately thought, "This is awesome, how can I do something similar that is easier using the materials I have?"

Here's what I came up with:

You will need:


Potted Herbs

Some cool things

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Step 1: Go to Your Toilet.

Are you there?

Step 2: Flip Over the Lid.

See how it's awesome and made of ceramic, a lot like a flower pot?

Step 3: Fill It Up.

I broke up the roots of my potted plants. and spread the soil out over the space. I added some tips to beets and turnips just to see how they would do. I put in some cool stones I had and some little knickknacks (do people still say knickknacks?) It looks pretty good. I used cilantro, chives, lemon thyme, and lemon balm. The thought is the herbs will purify the air and make the bathroom smell nicer.

Disclaimers: I just did this and got really psyched but I haven't tested this long term.

I am not sure if flipping the lid will cause any side effects. I know that on hot days toilets can sweat, I am not sure if a less tight lid will lead to condensation problems, but I have a shower, a sink, and my farmhouse bidet... which I may post an instructable for down the road... all those shoot water so I'm not all that worried.

I think that the roots, although they wont have as much spaces to grow down, should do okay because they have a lot more horizontal space in the lid than they did in the pot.

Hope You Like It!

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