Introduction: Tom Riddles Diary Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton

I had a subscriber ask me to do a Tom Riddle Diary DIY, and I think my rendition turned out pretty well!

This is a part of my newest Harry Potter DIY video so be sure to check it out for more easy DIY's!

Step 1: Drawing

I found a medium sized black leather journal at my dollar store and I knew it would work perfectly!

I traced the corner onto white paper, and drew a shape similar to the corner covers of his diary. Once I had something that looked equal I cut off the tip, leaving me with a perfect stencil to colour the gold.

My original footage got deleted so I couldn't show how I did everything exactly, but I basically just taped down the stencil to prevent it from moving and then coloured the edged gold. My marker did a lot of bleeding, so be sure to allow it plenty of time to dry before moving on.

Once the golds dry, I added the small black detail with a black sharpie. there's 4 diamonds at the tip, one circle below them, and then almond shapes on either side. (It's much easier to look at a reference picture to make it as accurate as you can)

Allow everything to dry completely before moving on!

Step 2: Almost Done

Once the sharpies are dry, take some clear fast drying nail polish and add small dollops on top of the black details. Do not let the black leak into the gold or else it won't be as defined. Once that's dry add an all over coat on the gold to make it shiny and appear 3D.

Let all of that dry, and then move onto the back where his name is.

If you have a fine tip gold permanent marker I highly recommend using it, but I had a regular one, so I wrote out his name with the sharpie in the center bottom of the book.

Allow it to dry completely and then take your clear polish and run it along the gold making sure not to smear it. Apply more polish to create a rectangle around his name.

Once everything's dry your diary is complete! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you all like my version!