Introduction: Toothless the Dragon Leather Patch

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If your like me you loved the movie How to train your dragon and what could be better that a custom leather toothless patch!


crafting leather
Acrylic paint
Leather sheen
Black Synthetic sinew

razor knife
Craft knife
Ez stitch awl
Foam brush ( any good brush will work)
Painters tape

Step 1: Tracing the Dragon

Now I happen to have a little toothless figure but you could just as easily print a picture of toothless out. So I took my toothless and laid it down on to of the leather, skin side up normally I would trace on the back of leather but we are going to paint this later so I'm not worried about lines on my leather

Step 2: Cutting It Out

After I traced out the shape of Toothless I use my razor knife to cut most of the leather off and then I use a craft knife to cut out the lines. This is a pretty complex shape so I just took my time.

Step 3: Punching the Holes

Now it's starting to look like Toothless! So the next thing to do is punch the holes. Because parts of this patch is so thin instead of punching holes all the way around I just put holes in the wings and down the middle of Toothless. To keep the middle holes in line with each other I draw a line down the middle.
A quick tip I have is if you don't have a punch a small strait screw driver works very well to make slotted holes you don't even need to sharpen it.

Step 4: Painting Toothless

This is actually the first time I have painted leather and it seems to have worked out very well. I used some acrylic paint from a pack I bought at Walmart and a foam brush but just because that's what I happen to have on hand. After I finished painting toothless black I took a pice of painter's tape (looked up what side of toothess's tail was gone lol) and coved half the tail and panted it red.

Step 5: Finishing the Leather

So after the paint dryed I take some acrylic leather sheen that I use for most of my leather projects and cover the patch in a generous coat. The leather sheen will protect the leather and the paint.

Step 6: Velcro

And it's pretty much done! All that's left, is to put velcro on the bottom of the patch this patch. I bought a pack of 3m velcro and what I like about this pack it has a adhesive on the back so it helps stay on the patch. Then I go ahead and sew the velcro on with black synthetic sinew and it's done! I hope you try this project I am extremely happy with it! If you would like to watch me make this here is the link for the YouTube video-