Introduction: Toss and Return Game

This is a fun ball toss game that challenges the player to throw a marble through different holes. The game automatically returns the ball to the player. It is awesome and fun to play!



Box cutter


Hot glue

Hot glue gun


Corrugated cardboard:

· Qty. 5 Popsicle sticks (1” x 7”, squared ends)

· Qty. 2 Corrugated cardboard right triangles (base = height = 12”)

· Qty. 6 Corrugated cardboard rectangular strips (12” x 1.25”)

· Qty. 3 Corrugated cardboard square (12” x 12”)

· Toy marble

Step 1: Put the Edges on the Backstop

Hot glue a 12” x 1.25” strip vertically to each of the 4 edges of one of the 12” x 12” squares.

Step 2: Attach the Floor

Stand the assembly from Step 1 upright on-edge as shown and hot glue a 12” x 12” square to the front edge of the 12” x 1.25” strip that is laying flat on the table surface.

Step 3: Adding the Triangle Sides

Hot glue a right triangle to either side of the assembly in Step 2. Be sure that vertical edges of the two right triangles attach to the front edges of the 12” x 1.25” vertical strips and that the horizontal edges of the triangles attach to either side of the 12” x 12” square that is laying on the table.

Step 4: Adding in the First Half of the Return Contraption

Hot glue a popsicle stick in the middle of the vertical cardboard square about 1.5” above the table to form a ramp. Hot glue popsicle sticks to either side of the ramp to form a trough. Then hot glue two popsicle sticks to the vertical cardboard in the shape of a “Y”

Step 5: Building the Face of the Game

Cut a rectangular hole in the last 12” x 12” cardboard square to allow the ramp to pass through it and cut holes of different shapes and sizes in the square near the top. Hot glue the cardboard square in place to sandwich the “Y” between two walls.

Step 6: Finishing the Game!

Hot glue the a 12” x 1.25” strip across the front of the game like a fence.

Step 7: Playing the Game!

To play the game, throw the marble through the holes in the cardboard. The ball will roll down the “Y”, to the trough, and down the ramp. The fence will keep the ball from rolling away.

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