Introduction: Towel Flower

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I like things that not only look pretty but are useful too. This flower can be placed in your bathroom or your guest's bed and its made to impress and be used afterwards. I can guarantee you'll make someone smile when they know you cared enough to make a flower out of a towel!

Step 1: Materials

Towel (any size)

Rock or something heavy to hold the towel in place. Could also be a candle.

Step 2: First Square

Start by placing your towel in the flor or on a flat surface.

If your towel is rectangular (like the white one) start by folding it in half to get a square.

If your towel is squared (like the red one) you'll just lay it down.

Step 3: Second Square

Take one of the corners to the center of the towel. Do the same with the other 3 corners. You'll have a smaller square now.

Be careful to keep right angles.

Step 4: Third Square

Hold the corners again and take them to the center.

Leave your hand in the middle of the towel to avoid unfolding.

Step 5: Flip

Place your other hand under the square and flip it around.

Step 6: Fourth Square

Take the 4 corners of the towel to the center (yes, one more time), and hold them with your hand.

Step 7: Petals

Put your hand under one of the corners and pull out the piece under it to form a petal as shown in the pictures.

Repeat this with the other 3 corners.

Step 8: Leaves

Put your hand under the towel right between two petals. You'll find a piece of towel that you have to pull out just a little corner to form the leaves under the flower.

Keep holding the flower with your hand.

Step 9: Hold

Now grab the rock or whatever you're going to use and place it right in the middle to hold the flower in place.

There you have it! A beautiful flower that is very useful too!

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