Introduction: Traditional Japanese Bow Made of PVC

A bow made out of a PVC pipe that has a very good performance.

Ideal for costumes or for practising your aim.


  • PVC pipe about 1,5 m long
  • a source of heat
  • 2 wood or metar boards
  • at least 2 tightening sergeants 5 meters of string

Step 1: Shape the Bow

First of all, cut 125 cm (49,2in) of the pvc tube with a saw.

Step 2: More Measures

Mark the middle of the tube with a marker (62,5cm, 24in)

Now, mark 8cm forward from the middle, and the same happens with the other side./ Now, form the middle, mark 8 cm from each side. (3in) Then, mark from the end of each side, 15cm

Step 3: Start Heating

With a heat gun, heat the tube from the centre mark to the end of the tube. The part that is heaten has to end up being very soft.

Step 4: Fasten

Take two laths and put the heating part between them.

Fasten the laths and the pvc tube with clamps. Do not fasten it very tight!

After a minute, take away the clamps and the laths.

Step 5: More Heat

Heat the last 15 cm of the end of the bow. Do it on the opposite way of the previously heated part

Step 6: Making It Nicer

Heat the intersection in order to soften it.

Step 7: Points of the Bow

With a marker, line 1cm (0,40 in) wide and from this mark, measure 12 cm (4,7in) of length and mark the opposite side. It has to look like a triangle.

Now, cut the triangle with a saw.
Then, heat both ends with the heat gun and shape them with protective gloves. They have to end up looking like a half moon.

Step 8: Preparing for the String

Now, mark a small line 2 cm from the end of the stick. Then, cut it diagonal with the saw.

Do the same on the other end of the stick.

Step 9: Painting

Paint the whole bow with spray (here, it's used red spray, but that depends on your choice).

Let it dry completely, it make take several hours.

(Fot the paint to dry correctly, i recomend to sandpaper the pipe before)

Step 10: Strings

Add a string and knot the ends making a hoop.

Put each hoop on each diagonal cut. Do it as it is shown in the picture.

Wrap the middle of the bow with another string.

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