Introduction: Transferring Images From Magazines!

I’ve been transferring images from magazines to decorate a bedroom door. I try different types of paper and images. Let me show you what I found.


Magazines and packing tape

Step 1: Cut Out Images

Ideally, it’s best to use images smaller than the tape width for your first time. If the image is bigger than the tape, it’s possible to divide your image in two tapes. (I used two strips of tape for the security camera image.)
I prepared several images and kinds of paper. I found that comic book paper and the surfing photo didn’t come out well. I recommend using bright, clear images on a white background.

Step 2: Taping the Images

Put packing tape on the image. Affix the sticky side of the tape to the front of the image you want to see. You can cut away the excess tape if you like.

Step 3: Removing the Paper

Using your hand, rub the paper under running water.
As you can see in this picture, smooth paper is easily removed, however comic book paper is more difficult to take off.

Step 4: Apply Your Image!

Once the tape has dried, the tape becomes sticky again.
Now you’re ready to go!

Step 5: Summary

I had the most success with:
- Using images on a white background
- sticking images on a bright color surface
- using images printed smooth magazine paper, not newspaper or comic books

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