Introduction: Transform a Gown

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When you go shopping for a special occasion dress, it's ridiculous how expensive are some of them. The most expensive ones are the ones with more details, embroidery and apliques. The materials aren´t expensive, but all the time and effort that requires those delicate details are what make the gowns pricey.

If you have the time and patience to make them by yourself, you will save hundreds of dollars! I don´t have the patience or skill to make a gown from scratch, but I´ll buy a simple gown and transform it into an expensive one.

With this instructable I'll show you how to make delicate fabric flowers that will make a simple dress
look unique.

You can use this project for a small headband or go big and make hundreds for a special occasion dress, the secret is in choosing the fabrics. So let's get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Sheer fabric, pick one that has body, avoid choosing a fabric that hangs well, like silk or chiffon. Mine is organza.

Tulle, if it has a a fine mesh will look nicer.







Cristal beads

Cardboard and pen

Step 2: Make the Template

Begin by drawing the template on cardboard. I attached a drawing of the flower I'm making. As I am going to need more than a hundred for the dress, it only has 4 petals, but with the layers it will transform into a beautiful flower.

Cut it out.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Make strings of fabric 2cm wider than the template.

Fold the fabric and pin the template on top.

Cut all the layers of fabric at once, depending on how sharp your scissors are, and how thin is your fabric, you'll be able to cut several flowers.

Repeat with all the different fabrics.

Step 4: Seal the Edges

To prevent fraying, burn the edges of each flower. Lit the candle. Hold the edge of the fabric close to the blue part of the flame or it will burn and stain the fabric.

This step is time consuming but so worth it.

Step 5: Sew

Take two satin flowers. Arrange them in the way shown in the picture.

Pinch the centre and make a couple of stitches to join them and gather them a little bit.

Make the same with two organza flowers and two tulle flowers.

Then stitch them together, the satin one should be at the bottom, then the organza one and at the top the tulle flower. So each flower is made of 6 layers.

You can sew some pearls, rhinestones or glass beads at the centre.

Step 6: Sew

Finally sew them by making a couple of stitches in the middle where the other stitches are.

Thats it, now you can beautify a top, head band, purse, you name it.

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