Introduction: Trash Bag and Tape Ghosts -

Just in time for Halloween prep time! This is a classic prop and Monster Tutorials most visited tutorial and video. These ghosts are super easy and cheap to make. The results are impressive since these are full size props.

Visit the tutorial for links to get the materials and make sure to watch the video for additional details.

You will need:

Clear or translucent trashbags

Clear packing tape

Clear gift wrapping tape

Body form (or volunteer)

Head form

Step 1: Step 1: Wrapping the Body

Place a trash bag over the body form and using the packing tape start wrapping the form. Use the lines in blue (second picture) as a guide on the first tape placement. This will make your ghost stronger and more sturdy. These lines are for reference only (use clear tape instead). Once you have the harness shaped tape, continue to wrap the rest of the form with tape until it is covered completely. Repeat this step and wrap the form with tape completely at least once more to make sure the ghost is really strong.

Step 2: Step 2: Wrapping the Head

Place another trash bag over the head from. Using the blue lines as reference, secure the bag with tape in these spots first. continue to wrap the head with tape. Use the regular gift wrapping tape for the face in order to keep the fine details of the face. Push tape firmly against face to make sure it contours well around the details. Once completely wrapped in tape, do this step again so that you have at least 2 layers of tape (for strength).

Step 3: Step 3: Unmolding the Ghost

Carefully, with scissors, cut along the marked lines in black and gently take the body from the body form and the head from the head form.

Step 4: Step 4: Joining and Finishing Your Ghost

Slide the neck of the ghost into the top of the form and using a couple of layers of tape, join the head to the body. Also, tape over the cuts used to unmold the ghost. Add some more trash back to the head to make a veil (see video). For the dress, just tape another trash bag or two to the waist and cut the bottom into strips. These will sway nicely in the wind.

Using clear fishing line, hang your ghost from your favorite haunting place!

See the full video tutorial HERE

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