Introduction: Trendylicious Dalgona Kulfi(Popsicle With a Coffee Twist)!

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And the Dalgona variations, gets continued as a trail in my instructables....:p

Let’s jump into the tutorial without further discussing about it, for my goodness!


Instant Coffee powder
Hot water
Condensed milk (for richness and added sweetness)
Oreo biscuits
Crushed pistachios (for toppings)

Step 1: Prepare the Blender

Step 2: Remove Cream Part From Biscuits and Add Only Biscuits to the Blender

Step 3: Grind the Biscuits to Fine Powder

Step 4: To Boiled Milk, Add Required Amount of Sugar

Step 5: Mix Well the Sugar, With Milk

Step 6: Pour the Milk Content to the Biscuits Mixture. Mix It Well

Step 7: (If Preferred) Add Condensed Milk to the Mixture

Step 8: To a Separate Bowl, Add 1 Tablespoon Instant Coffee Powder and 2 Teaspoon Sugar

Step 9: Add Little Amount of Hot Water to the Bowl and Mix the Coffee Powder, Sugar and Hot Water

Step 10: Whisk the Mixture in the Bowl

Step 11: In 5 Minutes of Whisking, the Mixture Turns Into Creamy & Fluffy Content

Step 12: Pour the Dalgona Mixture to the Biscuit Mixture Prepared Earlier(refer Step 7). Mix Well, Everything Altogether.

Step 13: Pour the Content, to Plastic Cups (Popsicle Moulds Etc)

Step 14: After Keeping the Cups for 2 Hours in Freezer, You May Insert Popsicle Stick Inside

Step 15: Dalgona Kulfi Is Done, After 8+ Hours of Freezing

Step 16: You May Add Crushed Nuts/sprinkles As Toppings!

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