Introduction: Trinket Box Upcycle

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I found this old box and instantly pictured it in an ombré finish, so I quickly got to work. It's pretty simple, so keep your eyes open at garage sales for your perfect trinket box to upcycle.

Step 1: Clean Box

Since this craft involves something old, and probably dusty, take the time to clean your box up before painting. Any dust and dirt will affect the paint. So just give it a good dusting and wipe with a wet rag. You may choose to prime the box if changing the color drastically. Do this after cleaning and let the primer dry.

Step 2: Paint the Box

Pick the color you'd like to use and then get out some cups. Fill the first (just as much as you need) with that color in it's normal state. Then fill however many more cups you need with less and less of the color and add white to each until you have the needed number of shades of your color. For mine I have six drawers, so I made six shades of purple, with the final shade almost a white color.

I painted the base of my box white. Let this all dry. If you used acrylic paint be sure to add a coat of a sealer like Mod Podge to protect the paint from the hands opening and closing the box.

Step 3: Add Jewelry Hanger

There was a hole at the top that was used for hanging, but I didn't want to hang my box, so I found a paint brush that fit perfect and pushed it into the hole as far as it would go. Add a little wood glue to it before you add it to assure it stays put.

I then used a small hand saw and cut it flat to the box. Sand down any spots needed on the paint brush and add another coat of white to the back. This step could be done before you paint the box the first time, but when I made mine I hadn't thought of adding that until I was already done with the painting.

Now fill up your fun, ombré, trinket box with some of your favorite tiny things! :-)

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