Introduction: Triple Single Bracelet! ?

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This bracelet is easy and looks cute! This is my first tutorial so I hope you enjoy it ☆

Step 1: Supplies!

You will need:
1. Loom*
2. Rubber bands (any color)
3. Hook

*I will be using a bandaloom but any brand should work!

Step 2: Place Your Bands ☆

Start putting the bands onto the loom.

Step 3: Place the Triangles △

Put on more bands in a triangle shape. Put them all the way up the loom but leave off the very last part as shown in the close up picture.

Step 4: Start Looping!

Time to use your hook! On the bottom of your loom take your hook and pull back the triangle. Grab the other band and put it on the peg in front of it. Do that on all three sides. If it doesn't look like the picture try again because practice makes perfect! :D

Step 5: Continue Looping

On the second set of pegs we pull back any bands that are in the way and loop them to the next pegs. Continue the pattern all the way up the loom.

Step 6: Pull It Off

Almost done! Take the last part ( the part we didn't put a triangle on) and bring all three loops to the middle peg. Next pull the end of the hook through the middle of the bands. Now carefully pull of the bracelet.

Step 7: Add an Extension

Put a few more bands on the loom .(3-5)Take the end that's not attached to the hook and put it on the loom at the end of it. Start looping the same way you did in the bracelet. It should look like this when you finish. Add a clip to the end after looping.

Step 8: Finished! ★

Connect both sides with a clip ( s clip or c clip)
And yay were done! I hope this instructable was helpful. Please comment and like! :)