Introduction: Triple Single Bracelet

Hi everyone, this is a tutorial of how to make the Triple Single bracelet. Hoped you liked it! ♡


You need a loom, hook and some bands :)

Step 1: Band Placement

Place the loom on the table with the arrow pointing away from you. use your fingers to place the bands on the loom. Follow the steps when placing bands. Push each band down after you place it on the pins.

Step 2: Band Placement

Place bands on each pin row. Place the bands on the left row of pins. Place band on the middle row of pins. Place bands on the right row of pins.

Step 3: Band Placement

Place any color bands in triangles as shown.

Step 4: Looping

Turn the loom around so the arrows are pointing toward you. Always use the picking tool when looping. Grab the band on the left pin. Loop the band straight up to the next pin. Grab the band on the middle pin. Loop the band straight up to the next pin. Grab the band on the right pin. Loop the band straight up. Continue picking up and the looping the bands until you reach the top of the loom. Fishn the bracelet with a extension and C- clip or S - clip.

Step 5: Making a Bracelet Extension

Grab the loops on the left pin. Move the loops to the center pin. Grab the loops o. the right pin. Mover the loops to the center pin. Pass through all of the loops on the center pin. Pull a new band halfway through the loops. Slide the pick to through the opposite end of the new band. Position the loops on the indented section of the pick tool.

Step 6: Extension

Same as step 5.

Step 7: Remove

Carefull remove the bracelet from the pins and set aside.

Step 8: Looping

To loop the bands start from the half way new band.

Step 9: The End

Pull the band with the C- clip off the pin. Carefully pull all the bands from the pins. Join the bracelet by slipping the C- clip through the loop (or loops) at the other end of the bracelet.