Introduction: Truly Semi Auto

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I've scoured, trying to find a K'nex gun that is truly semi automatic (and shoots more than 6 feet). My search came up with nothing. By truly semi auto, I mean a gun that doesn't have to be pumped stretched. bolted, or have a ram pulled back. I give you... my revolution to K'nex guns. (Actually I have A sniper rifle that uses the same principle and has special ammo. It shoots four types of ammo, but the special kind I've never seen from a gun of its class. Plus, it looks totally kickass). DISCLAIMER: I had some trouble uploading the pictures for this instructable, so it may get a little confusing. If you succeed in building it, or not, because of technical errors, DON'T FORGET TO RATE 5 STARS!!!

Peace out.

Step 1: Barrel

Elephants are fun! :D

Step 2: Weird Middle Piece

The part that attaches the barrel to the trigger to the handle to the mech to the mag bar things.

Step 3: Magazine

I don't know the picture is flipped, and I'm sorry I can't fix it, but here's the mag.

Step 4: Put the Middle Piece on the Barrel

Step 5: Mech Parts

These two weird little things are the moving parts of the mech.

Step 6: Build the Mech

Easy cantelopesy. (peasies are gross!)

Step 7: Mech Braces

We want the mech to move, but only in the right directions.

Step 8: Handle and Attaching

There's starting to be a lot of steps, so handle and attaching will be merged this step.

Step 9: Attach Mag

I have to reuse old photos because the ones for this step won't upload.

Step 10: Rubber Bands

Step 11: Loading RBs

Remove the magazine by the white rods. Then pull one RB back to the wheel, turn the adjoining on backwards 180 degrees backwards so it locks onto the other green rod. repeat for the remaining rubber bands. Sorry for another sideways picture.


on building Instructables's first truly semi automatic K'nex gun!