Introduction: Tube Wine Rack

Made this wine rack from scraps, inspired by these ideas:

mixed with others instructables I published some time ago. My intention is use it as a decoration item, so I don't hide the whole length of the bottle, just the middle.

Because of it lightness, when adding or removing the first bottles, hold it tight to prevent an accident and put it in the base.

It's quite simple and cheap to build, but here you have the complete process with some useful advices for best results. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:
  • Cardboard tube (six pieces).
  • Old maps, magazines or paper gift.
  • White glue (optionally stick glue).
  • Scissors.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Glue gun and its glue.
I took the cardboard tube from my office (when the toilet paper was finished), so it has the suitable lenght. Maybe you need to cut it in pieces using a cutter or so (aprox. 10 cm / 4 inches).

Step 2: Cover the Tubes

Cut the old map, magazines or whatever you choose in strips 4 cm / 2 inches wider and glue carefully to the tube cardboard. Roll it applying some pressure to avoid bubbles and creases.

Now make some cuts to the borders, fold inside and glue them. Remember apply plenty of glue at the edge of the tube.

Repeat for six pieces and let them dry before continue.

Step 3: Make the Pyramid of Tubes

Now turn on the glue gun and stack the six tubes together building a pyramid. Try first each pair of tubes without glue and mark with a pencil. Work on the table instead of vertical. Hold each pair in place while they stick, and be patient.

Step 4: Final Touch

Now, prepare a solution of 50% white glue and 50% water and apply it. Remember the edges and internal side of the tubes. This provides extra protection against dust and dirt.

When it will be no more useful, you can recycle it properly, cause contains only cardboard, paper and glue.