Introduction: Crochet, Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, and Knitting Pattern Creator for Free.

Okay this isn't a tutorial on how to crochet, needlepoint, cross stich or knit; but on how and where to find (at least the one that I like) a place to create a pattern. Of course knitPro isn't mine and Mario, Peach, and Zelda are not my images ;)

Step 1: Create an Image.

If you are doing like I am and creating a pattern that will be used for personal use - ie: a blanket for your bedroom, or a gift for your cousin, or a throw blanket for when friends come to visit - then you can pull images off of the internet. If you plan on selling your work - ie: craft fair, in a store, or on a web-store - well that's a hole other ball of wax, now isn't it.

I am in the process of making (and hopefully finishing) a blanket for my cousin and his soon to be wife in Afghan Crochet Stitch. I found out that their wedding cake has Mr. and Mrs. PacMan on it! Awesome. So, I picked a simple colored image of Mario and Princess Peach (the classic couple) and added a heart from Zelda at the top between the two. I just used MS paint to merge the two images together and remove anything else that might get in the way of my pattern. You want a simple colored design, because for each color change in your picture you have to change colors with your yarn (that's the Afghan stitch for ya) and it gets to be far to complicated and a giant knot with too many strands. My pattern I will say is a Medium to higher level of skill, just because of the various number of yarn you have to use. I have a giant knot right now and it's not looking pretty.

Step 2: KnitPro

I use the website

If you click that link it will take you to their main homepage. If you click here:

This will take you to the actual part of their site that will help you create a pattern.

The great news about this site is the patterns aren't just for crochet, but also for needlepoint, cross stitch, and knitting!

Step 3: Basic's of KnitPro

On the web app you will see a list of a few things.

1) Select a Grid Size: Regular (48w x 64h), Big (96w x 120h), XL (120w x 160h)

If you are making a smaller image, like something you'd like to hang on the wall in a frame, I would go with the Regular and a smaller yarn. If you are going with a blanket like me, go with the XL and a larger yarn.

2) Choose a GIF, JPEG, or PNG image (file should be less than 1 MB). That's pretty standard. Don't choose the largest file you can find. You don't need it. The max your image will be printed out will be 8.5x11 so don't worry about the image being to large, just being in a good quality. You have to see the lines in order to crochet them!

3) Stitch size: Needlepoint Cross Stitch Crochet (1:1), Knit Portrait (5:7), Knit Landscape (7:5) - This is for what method you plan on creating your craft with. For me, I knew I was going to crochet it, but I wanted a larger stitch because my yarn is so thick. So I choose a Knit Landscape. If you were working on a smaller wall art project, I would go with the Crochet.

4) upload your image to the website. Select choose file and find where you saved your image.

5) Submit

6) if you choose, they do offer a spot to donate through paypal for using their site. It isn't necessary, but I'm sure helpful to them.

Step 4: Your Pattern

Once you have clicked submit you will be taken to your pattern. The little numbers across the bottom and left hand side represent how many stitches you need to make. Save it and print it.

Tips and Tricks:

I like to print the pattern, that way I can keep a pen/pencil near by and count how many boxes are on the image so I know how many stitches of each color to make.

I also like to cross out each row as I go to help me remember where my place is.

This image has a few different versions of each color (ie: light, medium, and dark gold). I just kept it one color and went with the basics. Too many threads and too many colors would get confusing for my blanket. Also, because I am making a blanket too many colors will be harder to figure out the image. You'd have to lay the blanket out and stand back ten steps to even be able to tell what it is. The finer color changes can be applied to Needlepoint, cross stitch and a smaller crochet craft.

knitPro isn't mine and Mario, Peach, and Zelda are certainly not mine.

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