Introduction: Turning Old Dirty Vans Into New Shoes

I took my old dirty white vans and made them into a new design!

Step 1: Materials

- Your pair of shoes
- Paint ( of your color choice )
- Tape
- A design of your choice
- Paintbrushes

Step 2: Painting Shoes

I wanted to make my dirty white vans white again so I painted it white first, then I noticed I had to put tape around the shoe so I could paint without getting it on the actual shoe.

Step 3: Finishing Painting

After I put the tape, I finished painting quickly and left my shoes out to dry. Once they dried I took the tape off of the shoe.

Step 4: Starting Your Design

For my design on the shoe, I wanted to make blue butterfly’s in the middle of the shoe. I searched up some pictures on google and started sketching with a pencil on my shoe like shown in the picture.

Step 5: Painting Your Design

After I finished sketching the butterfly’s on my shoe ( I did three butterfly’s in the middle of each shoe ) I started painting the inside of the butterfly’s, I used the color dark blue but you can chose any color you want.

Step 6: Outlining Your Design

Once I finished painting my butterfly’s, I started to outline the design with black sharpie like shown in the picture.

Step 7: Adding Detail

Next thing I did was add some detail to the butterfly’s by adding lines all throughout the inside. I did this by using sharpie.

Step 8: Finished Product

After I added more details and let my shoes dry, my shoes were done. The finished shoe is in the picture.