Introduction: Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls Cosplay/Costume!

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We love My Little Pony!

Last year my daughter was Pinkie Pie in the Grand Galloping Gala Dress.

This year we went with the Equestria Girls
Twilight Sparkle in the Fall Formal Gown!

If you haven't watched Equestria's pretty cute.  It sure makes dressing up like the ponies easier...
since they are momentarily in human form.

We found this pink sparkly tube dress and the lavender under shirt at Goodwill.
The black boots we found at a yard sale.

Step 1: Wings!

Here's how we did the wings:
We used fun foam.  Hobby Lobby has big sheets of foam...for 89 cents.
We used the equivalent to 5 sheets...and this is adult size.
You'll also need some hot glue, craft sticks, eyelets/setter, and elastic.

Cut a wing shape  the size of one sheet of paper...8 1/2 by 11"
Hot glue on a craft stick.  This will give the wings structure and strength.

Then add a contrasting color of foam in a puffy shape.
Turn the wing over and hot glue on 3 craft sticks.
Lay it on top of the large sheet of foam and cut out a
similar shape using all the foam possible!

Do this for both the mirrored image of the other.
Then, sadly, I skimped on the pictures...
hot glue craft sticks across the center of the 2 wings.
Cover with more fun foam.
Use an eyelet setter and make 4 eyelets about 6 inches apart.
Add another smaller foam wing on the backside too.

Thread elastic through the eyelets, and tie them off...
just measure on your model for this part.

We did one for Twilight Sparkle or other Princess pony wings...
The blue wings we made for a smaller girl, the Rainbow Dash wings!
Same technique!

Step 2: Ears and Elements of Harmony!

Next for the pony ears and Elements of Harmony!
Same idea.  Fun foam ears hot glued together...
And then hot glued on the side of a metal headband.

Then, using a sketched and cut out paper pattern, I just cut out the
shape of the elements of Harmony crown...
and then cut them out of sparkly glitter foam!

Hot glued the crown onto the headband...and it's the crowning jewels!

Step 3: Waistband Time!

We made a simple elastic waistband with a heart shaped bow!
Check out this instructable for the perfect waistband!

The bow was simple...Easy cut out with heart shaped edges...
Sewed up the glued the center
Gathered and wrapped the center with more white fabric!
Hot glued it to the waistband and added some
fun foam cutie marks to the dress too!

Oh yeah, the boot covers...
We made them just like leg warmers out of fleece!
Hot glued the lace (fleece) strips in place.

Step 4: Finishing Touches!

Then it just needs some blue, pink and purple hair!
Mostly blue with a pink and purple streak.
We did a faux bangs for her...hairspray and a bobby pin!
Pull down a section of hair just like bangs.  Instead of cutting them...
twist them right above the eyes and pull them to the side, securing them with a bobby pin.

For the hair we just used temporary hair color spray.
We sit outside with a towel wrapped around her and I do the spraying!

This is our big night!
Hope you like it!  Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more fun!
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