Introduction: Twinkly Tiara

- 2 inch wire comb
- 3 yards beading wire to match comb, cut into 18-inch pieces
- 2 inches Swarovski crystal chain
- 25 beads, 4-6 mm

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters

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Step 1: Wire Wrap Chain to Comb

Wrap the end of one section of wire around the top bar of the comb. Lay the Swarovski chain along the top bar. Wrap the wire around the chain and in between the teeth of the comb, securing the chain to the top of the comb. Wrap a few extra times along the top of comb when you reach the end of the chain to secure the wire.

Step 2: Tread Bead on to Wire, Attach to Comb

Thread a bead onto the wire and fold the wire back toward the comb as shown. Leave around 1 inch of wire on each side of the bead. Twist wire around top bar of comb three times to secure.

Step 3: Twist Wire

Grip bead in your fingers and twist the wires together to form a stalk. Careful! Don't twist too far of the wire may break.

Step 4: Add Bead With Wire Until Satisfied

Repeat from #2, adding beads all along the top of the comb until the desired look is achieved. As you use up the wire you can add additional sections by twisting the wire around the top bar of the comb. 

TIP: If you break your wire, don't cry! Just twist the ends around the top bar and add a new section of wire onto your comb.

Step 5: Secure Loose Ends

To finish the comb twist in all loose ends and secure them with your chain nose pliers.