Introduction: TwistX : Inexpensive No-sew Womenswear From Men's Shirts DIY

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Many greetings all :) Welcome to twistX DIY.

twistX is a no-sew, scissor-cut garment that needs only a few minutes to make. No experience in garment making is needed.

Lets make it !

Step 1: I Used

  1. 2Mens's shirts (Large/ XLarge work better)
  2. Pair of fabric scissors
  3. Tailor's chalk (Optional. If you can cut in the straight line by practice) you could order them online on Amazon or any site of your choice
  4. Tailor's tape measure (Again optional.You can decide the height even without measuring)
  5. Mannequin / Tailor's dummy (Again optional if you can drape the design on yourself or hanger or the like.) you could order them online on ebay or any other site.

* I suggest if you buy the above optional 3,4 and 5, it will encourage and allow you to drape and see any designs in 1:1 scale by your own. Which is quite cool.

Step 2: Cut the Shirts in Height

If you want to skip measuring your height, That's ok ;)

Cut between button no. 5 and 6, measuring from top collar button

as 1.

Here marking by chalk/pencil will help cutting in straight line.

Cut the front and back of the shirt together. DON'T cut the sleeves. Cut both the shirts like this.

*refer image


I measured 20" / 51cm starting from the bottom of my neck downwards. Then marked the same on the back of the shirt, starting from top of the collar.

*refer image

Step 3: Hang-Twist-Join

This step should take only a few minutes.

Hang and button

the shirts on the mannequin / yourself / hanger. Please refer step 1 : Lay/hang and button my earlier instructable for how to button. It's very easy.

**refer 1 in image

Twist right-side sleeves of both front and back shirts and join them by cuff buttons on the left-side hips.

**refer 2 in image

Repeat the same with left side sleeves and join them on the right-side hips.

**refer 3-4 in image

It forms an "X" on both front and back. twistX because of the the twisting (obviously ;)

Don't worry if it doesn't look very neat right away. The key lies in adjusting and twisting as required. I am describing it further in next step.

Step 4: A Few Fitting Touches and It's Ready

You might need to do the following actions until you are happy with the final look.

Again its easy and quick.

  • Pull down the central fabric
  • Tuck in the central fabric along 'X' lines
  • give a nice twist in the end.
  • Pull down the 'X' if required.

Step 5: What's More !

You can :

  • wear it from both sides. front can be back and vice versa.
  • chose it's color / monochrome or pattern/print and it will work for all fashion seasons.

Step 6: Credits

Comments / Feedback

Thanks very much for reading. Feel free to share your comments/suggestions to make this instructable and design more useful and relevant.

If you try this DIY, it will be great to see your version. Also don't hesitate to share this work, build upon it or in general play with it. Cheers ;)

See you soon.


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