Introduction: #twisCape : Inexpensive No-sew Womenswear From Men's Shirts DIY

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Many Greetings and Welcome to twisCape DIY.

The name 'twisCape' means - a cape that's characterised by twisting :D

You need

  • 2 same size full sleeve Men's shirts of your choice.
  • Mannequin (optional but recommended)

I reused the shirts from charity shops / unclaimed giveaway from dry-cleaning shops.

In this DIY, you can learn to make this cape that is :

  • No-sew
  • No-cut
  • hence, completely re-usable
  • ready in a few minutes.
  • Skill level - Beginner / enthusiast

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twiSkirt - skirt / dress

twistX - top

Xtunic - tunic / dress

Step 1: Connect the Shirts and Twist the Sleeves

Step 0

Connect two shirts to each other by buttoning top 2/3 buttons.

Step 1

Twist sleeves of one side (i.e. one shirt), button the cuffs and fold the them.

Step 2: Pull Out the Rest of the Shirt From Sleeve Loop

Step 2

Pull rest of the shirt out from the twisted sleeve loop you just created.

Step 3

Button the bottom to form new sleeve.

Repeat Step 1,2,3 on other side to create second sleeve.

Step 3: Wear TwisCape

Many thanks for reading :)

If you try twisCape, it would be great to see your creation.

P.S. Don't miss the step video that is in the beginning of this instructable