Introduction: Step by Step Anime Face (Novice Level)

About: I am a 19 year old female college student :) I love to bake, do crafts, draw (usually manga), and cosplay :)

This is a simple tutorial on one possible way to draw a basic face of an anime girl :) I hope that this can help someone :)

Step 1: Tools

All you need is paper, a pencil (I highly recommend mechanical, as the lead is thinner and doesn't require sharpening), and a good eraser. :)

Step 2: Know What You Want to Draw

You need to decide if your eye is male, female, animal, whatever. You also need to decide what angle and age the face is. I like to quickly sketch out a face. For this instructable, I made sure to show the important guide lines in the face. I put in the lines from the jaw bones leading up to the bridge of the nose (I don't draw the actual nose until after the eyes are drawn in), and I sketched in where the ears would be. As you should very well know, your eyes are about level with the tips of our ears, so I take this into account, even though it's not realism. I like to keep things at least a little anatomically correct. The top line is where I plan on putting the eyebrows.

Step 3: Sketch in the Bottom Lashes

On the right side of this face, the eye is located close to the middle between the nose and ear, but slightly closer to the nose. On the left side, the ye is very close to the ear. This is because this face is at an angle. The left eye should also appear to be much smaller than the right eye.

Step 4: Sketch in the Top Lashes

The same general rules apply to this step as in the previous step. I also added the eyelid fold.

Step 5: Draw in the Eye

I want this girl to be looking away to the left, so her eyes look sort o like weird jelly beans at this angle. If you are unsure about why it has this shape, remember when I said that I like to keep a few things realistic. I have dissected eyes before, do I know that the pupil is actually just a hole on the eye. (Eyes are really fun to dissect, and the iris is really beautiful, so don't be all grossed out by the thought of eye dissection :P)

Step 6: Add the Pupil

This is the easy part :) just make sure that the pupil fits the eye. It looks weird right now, but just bear with me :P

Step 7: Shading

Most animes have shading that connects the upper eyelashes with the pupil, and I tend to do that in my simpler eyes :)

Step 8: Lighting

Add the spots where the eyes reflect light. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD!!!!!! I see so many amateur anime artists that add so much lighting that it looks like some sort of creepy smily face in the eyes.

Step 9: Eyebrows, Nose, and Mouth

Eyebrows come first, because they serve as a sort of guide to the angle of the nose :) this also when I usually erase the guide lines and add little details, like inside the ears :)

Step 10: Hair

This isn't a part of the face, but I'm including it anyways :P anime girls just look weird bald. Start by drawing the hair line... Basically, draw a bald cap on her XD

Step 11: Bangs

Make sure to let the hair flow and follow the angle of the face

Step 12: All the Rest of the Hair :P

Same rule as with the bangs. Let it flow, make sure it matches the face, and be creative :) Also, remember that hair can be thick. The hair I drew here is quite thick, so to show how thick it is, I turned what had been the top of her head into the top of a headband :) I hope that helps a little.

Step 13: Details

Finish everything up and make it pretty :)