Introduction: Two Channel EMG Sensor

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The Two channel EMG module includes an analog acquisition circuit and a digital signal filtering process .The front-end acquisition circuit collects the muscle electrical signals of the human arm or leg through CH1 and CH2. After the signal amplified and filtered, the analog acquisition data are output by OUT1 and OUT2. The waveform of the muscle electrical signal can be observed directly through the Wave Filter. We use a single-chip microcomputer for digital filtering processing. A0, A1 are connected with OUT1 and OUT2, and the values of muscle electric power are collected for processing to obtain power. Then, the power value of the muscle electricity is output through the serial port; the mean value of the muscle electricity; the collected value of the muscle electricity; the muscle strength value.

Step 1: Prepare What You Need

As the picture show, you need to parpare the following items

1. Lead Wire

2. Electrode pads*3

3.EMG sensor Module

4.Bluetooth module

5. Adpater

6. 9V battery

Step 2: Soldering

Solder the master-slave bluetooth to the adapter and the EMG sensor module, respectively

Step 3: Electrode Pads

Attach the electrode pads to the electrode(the led wire)

Step 4: Connection

Finally, according to the picture, connecting all the parts

Step 5: Testing

The red electrode is connected to the elbow ( We need to select the area without muscle activity as the reference electrode)

Green and yellow electrodes are connected to the muscle to be tested

This product has 2 channels signal. For convenient demo, the image only user one.

First, properly wear the electrode according to the wearing diagram. Turn on the power, then the RGB red light will be on for 1.5s, ready to initialize the acquisition, keep the arm relax. the RGB blue light is on for 0.5s, indicating that the initial data is being collected. The acquisition is completed and the RGB indicator is off. Then, check your EMG signal on Oscilloscope(or the software we provided)

If you are interested in this kit, please check this link for more details

Step 6: