Introduction: Tyvek FedEx Wallet With Change Pocket

Build a tri-fold wallet that hold bills, change, and cards out of a single FedEx small express tyvek envelope. 5 cuts, 1 staple, and no tape. Tri fold wallets are compact, so it doesn't look like your ass is lopsided and it's thin enough to stick in your front pocket.

Step 1: Materials

1 FedEx small express envelope
1 cutting blade

Step 2: Cut Top Flap

Cut the top flap with adhesive.

Step 3: Fold

Fold the envelope along the long direction leaving enough space for a card to fit.

Step 4: Fold Again

Fold the remainder.

Step 5: Tuck the Remainder Underneath

Step 6: Cut Off a Portion of the Envelope

Cut off a portion of the envelope so there is enough space for a bill and a card.

Step 7: Cut the Adhesive Flap in Two

Step 8: Cut the Corners of the Envelope to Create a Flap

Step 9: Seal Edges

Create a pocket by sealing two edges. Make sure the flaps are on opposite sides of the envelope. Also make sure the adhesive doesn't go over the small flap that we just cut in the previous step.

Step 10: Cut the Extra Adhesive Off

Step 11: Fold

Fold the envelope into the width of a card.

Step 12: 2 Incisions for Cards

Very carefully make 2 cuts into the envelope so cards can slide into the pocket. Make the cut through a single sheet without cutting the sheet of tyvek behind it. Do this by lightly going over with a blade several times until the cut is just deep enough that the material is cut.

Step 13: Staple

Staple the corner flap of the change pocket.

Step 14: Put Money and Junk Inside

It's got a secret pocket to hide large bils, reciepts and lists. 2 card holders and a change pocket that doesn't let change spill out by mistake.

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