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Hi guys!!!! I'm back with another instructable. Today we'll be upcycling a used plastic shampoo bottle to make an awesome looking phone back cover. Let's get started......


You'll need the following things to upcycle your plastic bottle :-

1. Used plastic bottle (obviously....). The flatter the better...

2. Corrugated Cardboard.

3. Lighter

4. Scissors

5. Cutter

6. Marker

7. Two hands(obviously....)

8. Help of this instructable by Anirudh Ralhan(hee...hee...)

And that's it... Let's get started....

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle....

Take your bottle and with the help of a cutter, cut off the top and base of the bottle as shown in the pictures. Then cut one side of the bottle to open it up. Clean it and let it dry. Then, flatten it out. Some may flatten out easily, while since may needed to be cut or heated by the lighter flame to be flattened out. It depends on the kind of bottle you are using...

Step 3: Making the Phone Replica....

Place the phone you want to make the cover for on the corrugated cardboard and trace is outline on the cardboard. Then cut it out. I glued two layers of corrugated cardboard to achieve the thickness of my phone.

Step 4: Making the Case...

Take the prepared cardboard piece and place it on the opened plastic bottle and trace its outline on the plastic. Then, leaving some space around the outline(the length of the thickness of the phone), cut out the plastic (as shown in the pics). Then, place the cardboard piece in the outline and while holding it on place, heat the plastics from below with the lighter flame for a second or two. Then, fold the plastic around the outline made with your fingers and hold it in place till the plastic cools. For one side, heat, fold and cool at 3 places i.e the top, the middle and the bottom. Repeat this on the other side. You should obtain something as shown in the 10th picture above. Then cut around the corners for bending the top and bottom easily. Repeat the same process for bending the top and bottom. Try slipping in your phone the half prepared case. It should fit snugly. If not, heat and bend the edges a little more. The more tight they're, the better they'll hold the phone in place. Follow the pictures to understand better....

Step 5: Cut...Cut...Cut...

Now, the case is half prepared but we still can't access all the buttons, ports, camera and flash. So, we need to cut out space for them. Make markings of where all the buttons, ports, camera and flash is, and then cut them out as shown in the pictures. If the edges start getting loose after cutting the spaces, heat and tighten them again. Draw anything of you want to on the backside of the cover or decorate it, only if you want to.

Step 6: DONE!!!!!

And done!!!! You've your very own, home made, upcycled, AWESOME and personal phone case. Make sure to post a pic if you ever make one via the ' I made it ' feature. I'd love to see it :) :)


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    1 year ago

    Neat! Very creative! It's cool that you made that using very simple tools. I'm sure everyone has those things lying around.