Introduction: United States Marine Corps Emblem Gift

My name is Kaleb Morris and I made a steel USMC sign out of sheet metal. I made it for my Grandpa who was in the Marines and I wanted to make him something special. The steps I did are listed below.



Computer paper printer scissors

card stock

plasma cutter sheet metal Mig Welder grinding wheel safety googles gloves rotary file welding helmet welding jacket 14 gauge wire satin black spray paint clear coat spray paint black twist tie

Step 1: Step 1: Finding the Design

I went on Google and searched “USMC sign “ and found the one I wanted. Then, I sized it on a sheet of paper and printed it out. Next, I cut it out and traced on a sheet of card stock. I glued my piece of card stock to my Marine sign and waited for it to dry.

Step 2: Step2: Plasma Cutting

Before I started plasma cutting the piece of metal, I traced the design with a Sharpie onto my piece of sheet metal. When I first started plasma cutting, I turned the plasma cutter to 20V (volts) and started cutting it from the top of the Eagle head. Then, I cut everything and grinded down all of the excess metal that didn’t need to be there.

Step 3: Step 3: Tack Up the Sign

When I first started tacking up the emblem, it was warped from plasma cutting. So I had to use an anvil and level all of the pieces. When I finished leveling everything out, I finished welding everything together. The welding machine that I used was called a Miller MIG welding machine. After all it was cooled off, I started sanding all of the big lumps from my welding with rotary file. The rotary file head I used was called a “ cone file” .

Step 4: Step 4: Painting It

When I painted my emblem, I used a satin black color. It was really hard with all of the angles, so it took a lot of time to paint it. When I was done painting the emblem, I let it dry overnight. The day of, I put a clear coat on the satin black emblem. After I was done with the finishing touches, I let it dry.

Step 5: Step 5: Making the Rope

Before I made the rope, I had a lot of ideas on how I wanted it done. The first idea was to make the rope part of the emblem and make sheet metal as well. The second idea was to make a separate rope that would be flexible and able to move with me bending it. I choose the second idea. So when I first started my idea, I was wondering what I would be able to make the rope out of. My first thought was to make it out of actual gold cotton thread, but that would take too much time. So I decided to make the rope out of some used 14 gauge wire from inside of a car. I found some that would match the color of my painted sign. So I used two pieces of black wire with one having a yellow line going down the middle of the wire. I first started by twisting one end of the rope and setting it in a vise. Then, I began twisting it very tightly so it could flex enough without breaking. Finally, when I was finished with twisting the two pieces of wire together, I made sure that it was long enough to go around the sign. It was long enough to fit on there.

Step 6: Step 6: Assembling the Rope

Before I put the rope on to the emblem, I didn’t know what would make it stay on there very well. So , I asked my instructor and he had a couple of ideas. The first idea was to use super glue and put it on with that. The second idea was to use twist ties. The twist ties helped it hold it on the emblem. I put twist ties in two places.

Step 7: Step 7: Enjoying My Finished Product

When I finished with making the emblem, I was very satisfied. I just cant wait to give it to my grandpa. He will be so happy! I hope that he appreciates how much that I am thinking of him.

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