Introduction: Unclog Sink Revised

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So this picture shows my first attempt, which worked but I added a chrome piece to fit my sink water outlet perfectly. Also someone mentioned about the overflow hole, one could make a cork type of device to plug it but I prefer my thumb. Cheers!

Step 1: Tools and Parts

List of tools: flat head screwdriver
List of parts: small plunger head around $5, Danco 10506 dishwasher aerator adaptor chrome $5.75 free shipping, 5/8" hose(length depends on you're particular sink), hose clamps around $1, and 5/8" barbed fitting.

Step 2: Drill a Hole

Grab the plunger and make a hole with a drill through the bottom.

Step 3: Fittings

Each fitting will go on either end of the hose. The chrome piece fit perfectly on to my sink water outlet after I took the piece that was originally there. It works better if you screw in the chrome piece first and then adapt the hose with plunger.

Step 4: Connect Plunger

The barbed fitting you get from the hardware store must fit the plunger you intend on using on its threaded end.

Step 5: Clamps

Slide the hose into the chrome adapter and tighten the clamps at shown points to prevent water leakage.