Introduction: Under $5 Boho Jewelry Set!

I was in a craft store the other day when i noticed some very unique mediums and i figured i would try to make something cool out of it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-leather cord
-Random metal charms
-a necklace ( doesn't matter if it is broken and the size dosen't matter) 
-a hot glue gun
-some hot glue sticks
- something to cut with

Step 2: Braided Braclet

Take three pieces of leather around 12-13 inches if your wrist is around 8-9 inches and tie them together.
Next start braiding until you reach a point where you would like to put the charm/charms.
Finish it off by tying the strands together. 

Step 3: Wrapped Shell Necklace

First find a shell that you really like.
Next take some some leather strips (depending on the size of the shell) and cut how many you would like to cover the shell.
After start taking the leather strips and hot glue and cove the bake of the shell (the part that wont show).
Repeat the process until you like the look of the necklace.
Then add a piece of leather and loop it so you can add a chain.

Step 4: Charm Braclet

First take your desired amount of leather cord and cut it.
Then wrap it around your wrist and add charms when ever you want.
Just keep wrapping and adding charms until your satisfied.
Tie it off to complete the bracelet.  

Step 5: Finished

Your done with your set and you can wear it gift it or do anything at all with it!

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