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One of my favorite media is polymer clay. It´s amazing how many different things you can make with it and how easy it its to work with. I have to admit that it took me years to give it a try, I was kind of scared/lazy about baking the clay. But its so easy and fast that now I want to use it for everything, and I make a project with it at least once a week. So if you haven´t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so. But my warning is: THIS CAN BE ADDICTIVE!

So since this could be your first project I wanted to make it simple and inexpensive but with amazing results. The polymer clay is affordable, and if you buy red, yellow and blue, plus black and white you can easily mix colors to get new ones.

Also, don´t buy fancy tools, with this unicorn I´m going to show you how to use every single part of a ballpoint pen.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

-Polymer clay in rainbow colors, plus one different color for the unicorn (I used light pink). My favorite brand of polymer clay is Premo Sculpey, it´s easy to work with and most importantly your creations won´t break.

-A ballpoint pen

Step 2: Rainbow

To make the rainbow grab a 0.5 inch ball of each color.

With two fingers roll it out until you get a 3.5 inch thin cylinder.

Put all the colors one beside the other and use the pen as a rolling pin to lightly roll the rainbow and make the colors stick to each other. Leave 0.5 inch without rolling.

Now bend the rainbow as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Unicorn

Start with two balls the size of your thumb.

The one that is going to be the head, shape it like an egg and pinch the bottom as shown in the picture.

The second one (the body) pinch at the bottom in the four corners to make the legs and with the pen make a hole where the head is going to attach.

Now join both pieces.

For the horn, make two long cones the same size and twist them.

Now its time to disassemble the pen, with the ink tube make a hole in the head where the horn will attach.

With the tip of the pen push the sides of the head upward to form the ears.

With the ballpoint make two tiny holes for the nose.

With a larger cylinder from the body of the pen, make the eyes.

Make several long cones with different colors to make the hair and the tail.

Then attach hair by hair, push each tip of the hair to the head to make it stick to the head.

With the ink cylinder make a hole in the body where the tail will attach.

Step 4: Attach

Place the unicorn at the front of the rainbow.

Push it lightly.

Bake it according to the manufacturer´s instructions.

Keep in mind that with the cell phone´s weight the stand will slightly bend, so when you bend the rainbow and place the unicorn make the cellphone position more upright than it will actually be.

Wait unitl it is completely cold to use your new stand.

If after baking the unicorn doesn´t stay in the rainbow, glue it with a strong glue or hot glue.

If you have questions or issues about polymer clay, feel free to ask. Enjoy!

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