Introduction: Unicorn Clay Charm

This tutorial is a super quick and fun! I hope all of you Unicorn-Fanatics will love it! I came up with the DIY with inspiration from SoCraftastic. Her video link is here: Her Video (I also used some pictures from this video in the Instructable.)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

So, I don't really know how to explain this but, watch the video to get a full tutorial!

For this DIY I used:

Fimo Polymer Clay

Acrylic Paint


Clean and Hard surface

Step 2: Creating the Unicorn!

1. Make a white teardrop shape with your clay round out the pointed part of the teardrop. This will be the head.

2. Make a rounded 3D rectangle with your white clay. Use your toothpick to make a criss-cross shape and form the legs by pushing down and pulling them apart. (Like the picture above.)

3. Attach head and body together. Blend using toothpick or dotting tool.

4. Create tail and hair by swirling colors and adding them to head/backside in strands.

5. Add eyes by adding black clay/acrylic paint. Put white dot on top as highlight.

6. Make mouth and nose with toothpick/dotting tool.

7. Create horn by mixing brown clay with white clay and sculpting until you get the desired look. Attach to head.

8. Bake according to the instructions on your clay.

9. (Optional) Glaze with Sculpey Gloss Glaze.

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