Introduction: Unique No Oven and No Bake Chocholate Agar Pie

Usually, pie is bake with the filling inside.
But this pie is not bake with the filling inside.
This pie are bake or cook without the filling.
That's why this pie is so unique.
The filling is added after the crust was cooked.

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

Before you make the pie, prepare the ingredients. All ingredients should at room temperature

Pie crust:
1 glass flour (150 grams, not dense)
80 grams margarine
1 egg (at room temperature)

Pie filling:
100 grams margarine
50 grams dark chocholate ( you can using chocholate sprinkles)
1 sachet chocholate milk powder or 3 teaspoon chocholate powder
100 grams sugar
1 egg (at room temperature)
1 glass flour (200 grams, dense)
1 sachet agar agar powder (or you can use jelly powder), around 2 tablespoon
4 glass water
A pinch of salt

Pan or teflon big size (around 30 cm). I'm using small pan (20 cm). So from this recipes I get 2 pie.
Table spoon

Step 2: Make the Pie Crust

1. Mix the flour with the margarine. Don't forget to sieve the flour. Knead it until mixed.
2. Add egg at room temperature. Knead it until you can shape it for the pie crust

Step 3: Bake the Crust!

1. Rolling the crust dough before you put it on the pan or just put it to pan without rolling and shape the dough with your hand.
2. Make holes on the dough crust with the fork to prevent the air bubbles.
3. Turn on the heat at small heat and 'bake' it for 7 minutes until the crust cooked and hard. Let it cool.

Step 4: Make the Pie Filling #1: Make Chocholate Thin Mixture

1. Mixer the margarine until smooth
2. Melt the chocholate. I'm using double boiler method or you can using microwave around 2 minutes.
3. Add chocholate melt to margarine. Also add the chocholate powder and sugar. Mix it well (no pic)
4. Add egg and mix again.
5. Sieve the flour and add to the mixture.
4. You will get the thin mixture (no pic). Then switch off the mixer.

Step 5: Make the Pie Filling #2: Make the Agar Liquid

1. Boil agar agar powder with four glass water.
2. Stir the agar liquid until boil.
3. Switch on the mixer and mix the chocholate mixture. Pour the hot agar liquid little by little until mix well (no pic)

Note! When mix the agar liquid with the chocholate mixture, agar liquid should at hot boil condition to make the egg cooked.

Step 6: Pour It Quickly!

After you mix the hot boiling agar liquid and chocholate mixture. Pour the chocholate agar to pie crust as fast as you can. Because after we mix both mixture the chocholate agar will congealed soon.

Let the agar cold before you cut it and eat it.

Step 7: Ready to EAT!

After the filling was cold. You can cut and eat the pie.

Actually I'm little bit disappointed to my result. Because I'm bake the crust to long until it hard like cookies cause I forget to unsilent my alarm. So when I cut it. The crust is crack and giving bad shape :(
The agar mixture not sweet as I want because I'm reduce the sugar.
But don't worry. I was give the fixed recipes and the right step to make it.
This is my second recipes who I make.
Previously the pie is so good and delicious taste but without chocholate.

Step 8: Bonus!

If you had the leftover chocholate agar. You can pour it into mold. Let it cool and then you can eat it.

This recipes actually I'm make from 2 different recipes and I mix it. That's why there are leftover agar.
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