Introduction: Universal Racing Wheel for Any Joystick

I always wanted to play mariokart wii with the nunchuck mode but using a steering wheel. there is two ways to use it, the first way is to use it just like a joystick, but that was not the point for this project so I found a second way that you push left a right but you can turn the wheel for an even better way to get through u-turns on any racing game on any console that uses a joystick to play it's games.




permanent marker

video games with racing on them

circular object that is the size you want the wheel to be


Step 1: Racing Wheel

trace your circular item on your cardboard with the permanent marker. MAKE SURE TO MAKE TWO OF THEM!!!!! make a hole in ONE of them. (the hole is about the size of the top of an N64 joystick.)

Step 2: Finish

tape the two together and decorate!