Introduction: Unusual Uses for Dirty Diapers

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Probably this is one of the few thing you'll never thought about re-using. But even if it sounds disgusting I invite you to take a look at these unusual uses. I'm sure you'll find them useful.

This instructable proves that with a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box you could give a second chance to ANYTHING!

Step 1: Cut

First of all hold your breath and cut out the tapes. You could close the diaper with an elastic band, tape, or just put it inside a plastic bag and tie it. Throw it in the trash can.

Now that you can breath, follow the next steps to learn how can you transform those tapes into something very useful.

I've been using these diaper velcro tapes for projects that need low grip. It has the perfect amount of grip to hold light stuff and it's perfect for being glued with hot glue. (something I can't do with the store-bought velcro)

Step 2: DIY Velcro Cable Ties

You'll need

  • A baby towel or a microfibre cleaning cloth.
  • A velcro strap from a diaper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Cut a strip of cloth.

Make a slit close to one end.

Glue the diaper velcro tape to the other end.

Attach it to a cable. You can make different sizes.

Step 3: Organize Cleaning Cloths

With hot glue stick some diaper Velcro tape to a wall or cabinet door. It will perfectly hold your cloths.

Step 4: ​Perfect for Dolls´ Clothes and Accessories

When making dolls´ clothes and accessories I like to use materials that can be glued. I lack patience (and skill) to sew tiny stuff. So I'm in love with fabric glue and this diaper Velcro tape is my new best friend.

So many possibilities! Like this purse I made.

Unlike the previous projects that automatically attach to the towel or microfiber, with this one I had to glue two parts of the diaper tape (one soft one and the one with tiny spikes).

With this method you have unlimited possibilities, there's no doubt that velcro is very useful so I'm sure you'll find tons of new ways to use these diaper straps.

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