Introduction: Up-cycled Pallet Bar

This is a fun and easy project that can be made from start to finish in an afternoon. It doesn't take much time, effort, or know-how; and the results are brilliant. (That's my kind of project!)

Step 1: Supplies.



-nail puller


-sander or sanding block. (I used my oscillating tool with sanding attachment)

-stain (optional)

Step 2: Cut It Off.

Count three boards in from the end of your pallet. Align your saw with the board that will be the top board of your bar. cut as evenly as possible all the way down. you should be left with a bottomless bar (and not the good kind)

Step 3: Remove and Replace.

Next we're going to replace any overly damaged boards, and add a bottom to the bar.

Carefully remove the nails from the boards you need replaced. Replace them with good boards from the remaining pallet.

Be sure to salvage as many nails as possible. You can even straighten out the bent ones!

Step 4: Sand It Down.

Your bar is bound to be chocked full of splinters. sand it down to avoid any future accidents. Your new bar is almost done!

Step 5: Accent and Stain

Accent your bar with an unruly bent nail to hold your vintage bottle opener.

Add a stain and finish of your choice, and VOILÀ! You have yourself an awesome up-cycled pallet bar with minimal investment of time, energy, or money.

Hanging on a wall, or sitting on a table, this baby will look great indoors or out! All you have to do now is stock it!

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