Introduction: Upcycled Macrame Planters

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These cute macrame planters really couldn’t be any easier. They are quick, simple, and made with only three very basic supplies. The finished result is stylish and practical. The only skill you need is being able to cut fabric and tie knots. If you are ready, then follow along with the photos and accompanying instructions.

Step 1: Gather Together Your Stretchy Material and Scissors

I am going to be using a colorful cami. Wash ahead of time even if it has never been worn.

Step 2: Prepare and Cut Your Material Into Strips

If you are using a cami or t-shirt cut off the bottom seam and the top neck and sleeves. Make sure to also cut off the tag. Next, fold the fabric in half leaving one inch at the top. If this confuses you, please see the photo. Now you will just cut strips up the fabric, right up to the first fold, all along the length of the fabric. Do not go far beyond the inch section at the top. Again, if anything confuses you, see the pictures.

Step 3: Cutting Fabric Into One Continuous Strip

This will be the hardest part to explain, so hopefully the photos will make it clear for you. Start by spreading out the fold at the top of the strips. Next, you will cut diagonally from the middle of the fold in the middle to the first cut on the left. Then, cut diagonally from the strip on the right to the strip on the left. Repeat this all the way to the end until you only have one strip left on the right. This one you will cut into the middle of the center fold. Please review the photos if you are at all confused right now. You should end up with one long strip of fabric. Take this strip and pull it through your fist. This will stretch the material and curl it up into a tight fiber. Wind it into a ball if you like.

Step 4: Tying Knots

Cut the string into four equal strips about 3 feet in length. Fold in half and tie a knot about three inches from the fold. Separate the eight strands into four sections of two strands each. Tie a knot with the two strands in each section about three inches down from the first knot. Then tie four more knots three inches down from the previous knots using one strand from two different sections. It will form a sort of fishnet pattern. Once all the knots are tied, gather the strands together and tie into one final knot about two inches down from the previously set of knots, You should have a total of ten knots. Now, get your jar and put it inside the net. It will take a little arranging to get it in perfectly, but then you are done! Simple, right?

Step 5: Admire and Experiment!

Admire your finished planter net! I can’t wait to see how it looks with a terra cotta pot and a plant of some sort. You can use any size of jar, bowl, or pot, simply by altering the length of string you use and how far apart you tie your knots. Experiment with embellishments, like beads or pom poms. Please share the picture of your finished planter with me! You can use it with candles in jars, plants, succulents, or any other cute filler idea you may have. I love the way the bright fabric looks with the bowl. But you can use patterned fabric or dark colored material. Just experiment and have fun!

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