Introduction: Upcycled SIlverware Jewelry

Some quick tips on creating unique jewelry from vintage and upcycled silverware.

Step 1:

Some silverware just takes a little bend and manipulation to get right. First, you would bend anything that needs to be in a certain shape.

You would also need to use a saw with these items, to get rid of excess material. You must plan exactly where you want the cuts to be, and execute exactly.

Step 2: Hand-Stamping

Some items just require a little bit of creativity and some stamping tools. Plan exactly what you want it to say. Then you need to figure out the spacing before you start stamping. Next, you stamp. Practice stamping on something before you attempt stamping on spoons, as they move a lot during stamping and take a very steady hand.

Step 3: Both Steps Combined

Some items will take both stamping and manipulation to get the desired effect. First, manipulate items into the desired form. Then you will want to stamp items. Once again, practice stamping until you have a steady hand, as silverware items may move and shift while stamping. Some can be very tricky.

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