Introduction: Use Up Empty Space

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I live in an apartment with my parents so I'm almost always short of space. But then again what good is creativity if it doesn't help you live better? So here are some of my ideas that you could use as well, plus not much needs to be bought because you'll find most of the things at home itself!

Step 1: Earrings Holder

You need: 1. Empty plastic or deodorant bottles 2. A rounder to make holes 3. Earrings to hang in them! Haha so you just need to make holes wherever you like on the bottle and then you can easily organise your earrings .

Step 2: Bracelet Holder

You need: An empty plastic or deodorant bottle and a thick string to make the stopper. I used the yellow bangle but you can tie a string at the mid-half of the bottle and the wrap your bracelets around the bottle. This way they wont get lost now and again.

Step 3: 2 Level Coffee Table

So we have this extra coffee table we use to keep our television on. It is a double level thing so books and the DVD player are on the lower level and its easily covered up with a table cloth. And done!

Step 4: Single Door Wooden Cabinet

These are pretty rare but you can always make one. A wooden box with a door. We use it to store books n stuff that's now required often, cover it with a table cloth and then use it as a lamp table.

Step 5: Bags

If you happen to have a lot of bags and not enough space to store then, here are two options: 1. Fix a few nails behind your door and hang them or 2. Get a hanger like the one in the second picture and you wont need to worry about having no space for your bags! I prefer the second option .

Step 6: Dress Hangers

So we normally hang one dress per hanger which leaves us with a lot of cloths and not enough hangers. Here is the trick, fold your dresses such that you can hang two in one hanger and then put one of your jackets/shrugs on top of them. This way you can put three items of clothing on one hanger and you won't have to spend on buying more hangers!

Step 7: Table Stand

I have a lot of tiny things which I need to keep safe and easily accessible, be it my eyeliner or my contact lens case or all my paintbrushs. So I got this red double level stand which stays on my study-table ank keeps all those things which I need to use frequently. You could also place it on a shelf and create more space.