Introduction: Using Jar Lid As Drink Coaster (The 3 R's Collection)

More than a motivational text than traditionally an instructable I want to write why I did coasters from jar lids.

  • Because of my needs, I wanted something that indeed did not filter to the table, etc. I mean, some coasters do not hold the liquid properly and the latter end trespassing the material.
  • I wanted something washable and easy to replace in case I needed to.

As final thoughts I suppose you can paint or alter the final aspect of it, I prefer something quick to use. I have tried with mugs and glasses and it fits perfectly. Jars with straws fit too but not that perfectly depending on the shape I supposed that they could potentially slip.

Expect more from The 3 R's Collection to come. This collection has been inspired by Jack Johnson's "The 3 R's".

Step 1: Update.

As you can see my iced coffee left a lot of stains on the lid that a single napkin did not solve. It left some kind of wet but not soaking wet; I mean that the stain it is no more on the surface but on the washable lid.

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