Using Recycled Plastic to Make "Stained Glass"




Introduction: Using Recycled Plastic to Make "Stained Glass"

Traditional stained glass is made from glass shards glued together, but glass shards are dangerous for children. This "Stained Glass" is made of plastic, so it looks like real glass, but is safe for children. It is so simple and only uses three items. It is super fun and easy for children to make.

Step 1:

Cut the plastic into any size.

Step 2:

Draw whatever you like on the plastic. Since my favorite movie is Harry Potter, I drew Harry Potter's lightning bolt.

Step 3:

Place the plastic in front of a light source, like a window.

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    11 months ago on Introduction

    👍Your idea is cute and easy for kids to use,❤️however, for the sake of clarity, Um, The glass used in stained glass work doesn’t Have any glue In it. “ Glass is made with a mixture of potash and sand and heated to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit ... Various metallic oxides are used to create the different colors”. I worked a bit with Stained glass, and found This info Online.