Introduction: VHF/UHF HAM Mobile Antenna From Old TV Antennas

Weekend, I grab an old TV antenna amplifier trashed around, to boost up my V/U handheld-radio, and I did it from all scrabs.

Step 1: Easy Parts

Other than Cat50 caxial cables, these are only things we need.

Step 2: Attach the Telescop Antenna to PVC Albow

One hole and screw it. as I am not planning to leave this antenna outdoors, there is no concern for rain protection.

Step 3: Another Bigger Hole

Drill another hole to pass the cable and split it.

Step 4: Prepare for Soldering

To brush the negative mash out, and bind them together.

Ring the negative and positive ends, are ready for soldering

Step 5: Soldering and Tighting

This is simple, ugly but works, since it's first run, no need to be beautiful or fine finish.

Step 6: SL16 Plug Soldering

Simple too, perhaps everyone has different theory / technique of doing this job, I wellcome you post your experience and advice. :-)

Step 7: Gluing a PVC Pipe

No text here.

Step 8: Measure ROE and Test Run

As the VHF band wavelength has 2Mts, we need about 47-50cm of each side of the telescoping antenna extended only, the original TV antenna has about 75cm each, we need to leave one or 2 ranges in.

The ROE test wasn't ideal (2.81) after adjustment, I got about 1.3 reading. this is just fine to make a test with friends, unfortunately, these days here in the north of Buenos Aires Argentina, the band is quite desert.

Enjoy the DIY. 73


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