Introduction: Vintage Map

Let's get to it....




Brushes, water ,etc.



Step 1: Get the Basics

Get a piece of paper and fold it in half.
Make an outline of the map.

Step 2: Just Wandering...

Skip this step if you don't wanna waste time...Or read and do it through....
Squeeze some lemons and paint everything but the landmass in your map.

Wait for it to semi-dry...

Get it over a flame...almost like you are having the flame scan it.

****Don't worry about the burnt areas....we'll deal with them.****

Now we have a nice..seemingly old piece of paper.

Step 3:

Assuming you didn't read STEP 2...paint everything except the landmass in varying degrees of varying shades of any colour you want.

Step 4: Get Painting for Real..!!

Paint the landmass...I want it to be kinda abstract.

Step 5:

Paint the paper underneath the burnt areas(if any)...done it way before...I call these the "HOLES OF ABYSS".

Add a good ol' compass...WHAT'S A MAP WITHOUT ONE??
I'm confused..why'd I write "unearthing" over there??

Step 6:

Anyways, now that we're done ,it looks great...but what's with the "UNEARTHING"..??

I guess it's gonna dig up what's beneath the futuristic and geometric(but totally abstract piece of land)

I'm gonna open it anyways...

Step 7:


It's Elon Musk's secret Mars colony!!!

He's been working on it forever!!

Now that it's not a secret anymore, can I come up there too, Elon??

Step 8: A Step Back Through History..when the Colony Was Founded

Dab the paper with a colour with different pressures.

Add details...

Step 9: Finally ,the Guy Who Made This Possible

PRESENTING...(drumroll)...ELON MUSK!!!!

Didn't get the face right..or the made a colony-banner...and stuck it with paint.

Step 10:

Stuck to the original guy due to failure in getting the face right...

Step 11: DONE...!!

Elon's hidden colony(which is still victim to the holes of abyss) lay beneath the abstract land, and we didn't know it yet...but now,we do. ^ ^

PS..thanks for going through till the end ;D

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