VJing in Unity + Edddison

Introduction: VJing in Unity + Edddison

About: The edddison toolkit is an easy to use system to create your own interactive 3D application for fantastic presentations.Our channel present important videos that talk about the technology.

Hello All!

edddison, based in Austria provides cutting-edge products for making 3D data interactive.

Today we have a guest (gilead) showing us how he did use unity + edddison + fuze vjkit to make an interactive vj-application.

We are proud that our software is used in all kind of different ways!

credits for the idea and the tutorial: gilead

credits for the fuze vj-kit:
This work by Hiroki Saitoh is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Step 1: What You Need / Materials

) A Tablet/Phone or Webcam

.) edddison software. Available as trial http://edddison.com/products/edddison-sketchup/

.) edddison tracking module. Available as trial http://edddison.com/products/edddison-tracking/

.) A computer with Unity 3D: Free version https://unity3d.com/

.) The fuze vj kit - plugin for unity https://github.com/unity3d-jp/fuze-vj-kit

.) Basic understanding on how unity works

.) A4-Printer

.) Something to make an camera stand

Step 2: Setup the Hardware

Since i didn´t have a webcam at home i simply used my android-tablet with an app called: IP Webcam

If you have a webcam:

Just connect it to your computer

If you are using a android-tablet/phone:

Download IP Webcam from the Playstore

Connect to your Wifi, in which the computer ist also connected

Follow the instructions of the app, giving you an IP, which to type in your browser and install the IP Webcam driver from there.

Build yourself a stand on which to fix your webcam/phone

I found an old Hugo Boss-Case and some dictionairies. Just be sure that you get your camera high enough to fit an A4 underneath.

Step 3: Setup Unity

For instructions on how to install edddison and use it in unity visit the tutorials section on edddison.com: http://edddison.com/downloads-tutorials/

If you just want to try it with my settings without installing unity:

download the zip here:

Install edddison lt for unity + edddison tracking on your computer

Open the zip and start the build1.exe

edddison should start up and ask you to import a project: navigate to the edddison-project in the zip and open it.

Go on with the marker printing

If you want to change the visuals yourself a short description:

install unity 3D 5 or higher

Install edddison lt for unity + edddison tracking on your computer

open the fuze vj kit as an unity project

import the edddison asset package through the menu

copy the scene i put in the zip-file into your asset folder and open it.

This is an example scene for you to figure out how everything works, it´s fairly simple.

the only thing controlling edddison is the "edddison-game object". the rest is the fuze vj kit.

For information on how to use edddison visit the tutorials-section here: http://edddison.com/downloads-tutorials/

Print the markers and the floor plan you need through edddison.

Click on "print" and print 1) the cube floorplan and 2) the created markers on an A4

Put the floor plan underneath your camera, so that you can see the whole sheet of paper on the screen.

Cut out the different markers and put them aside for now.

Take the "POV"-marker first and put it on the your floor plan underneath the camera.

You should be able to control the camera in the unity-vj-game on the screen.

That´s it!



credits fo the fuze vj-kit:

This work by Hiroki Saitoh is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Step 4: Video Tutorials

edddison has quite a few video tutorials online and also step-to-step-manuals on their homepage

Step 5: ​Use the Tablet

Edddison also works with tablets and smartphones to interactively walk through your files!

Just install the "edddison"-app from the play store or apple store for free and be sure that you are connected to the same Wifi as your laptop with edddison running. You should directly be connected!

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