Valentine's Day Dangling Earrings

Introduction: Valentine's Day Dangling Earrings

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These are fast and fashionable dangling earrings - make as a gift for you Valentine!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

20 gauge silver or gold wire

28 gauge matching wire

jewelry pliers

2 matching head pins

4 small pink beads

4 small red beads

2 matching earring hooks

Step 2: Top Loop

Cut a 5" peice of 20 gauge wire and center your needle nose pliers in the middle. Make a loop in the center and with your flat nose pliers, press down right under the loop. Then, with 28 gauge wire, wrap firmly around right under the loop and cut off extra wire.

Step 3: Ric-Rac Pattern

With your flat nose pliers, bend both sides of the wire into three diamond-shaped spaces, as shown in the pictures. When you get to the bottom, twist both pieces of wire together, then wrap one piece around your round nosed pliers to form and loop. Wrap the other piece of wire around under the loop to secure.

Step 4: Adding Beads

Cut a 5" peice of 28 gauge wire and wrap the end around under the top loop. Add a bead and wrap the wire around 2-3 times in between the two spaces, so the bead fits inside the first "pod". Continue doing this in each space. Wrap the extra wire around under the bottom loop to secure.

Step 5: Extra Dangling Bead

Place a bead on a head pin, and using your round nose pliers, form a loop right above the bead. Cut off the extra wire. Open the loop and place on the bottom loop of the earring. Close the loop tightly. Then open the loop on an earring hook and attach to the earring. There, your earring is finished! All you need to do now is make another one. :)

Step 6: Finished!

Open the loop on an earring hook and attach to the earring. Now your earring is finished!

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    6 years ago

    Very pretty and can be made in any colors, too. Thank you!