Introduction: Valentines Day Wooden Yarn Heart

This project is fun to make and great to use and the supplies to make it are very basic. It can make a great desk ornament or wall hanger and only takes about an hour or less to make!



  • acrylic paint (color of your choice)
  • yarn (color of your choice)
  • a piece of wood at least 7 in long 7 in wide and 1 in deep
  • nails with wide heads (or roofing nails)
  • a cup to hold paint
  • sandpaper


  • a hammer
  • a paintbrush
  • a ruler

Step 1: Sand the Wood

If the wood you are using has rough edges make sure to sand it with coarse sandpaper. The size of the wood does not matter so long as you have enough materials to make it. I used a piece of wood about 7 in wide by 9 in long by 2 in deep.

Step 2: Paint the Wood

Choose a color of paint and coat the wood with it on the top and sides. For my design I used blue mixed with some white and I did not paint the back because I will be hanging it on the wall. It is a good idea to coat the wood twice or use primer before the color.

Step 3: Draw the Design

Take the paper and fold it in half hotdog style (as in picture) and draw half a heart on the creased side. Then cut it out, unfold it and place it in the center of the wood. then trace around it with a pencil to make a heart design!

Step 4: Nail the Nails In

Take the hammer and hammer the nails halfway in so that there is still room to wrap yarn around them. space the nails 1-3 inches apart depending on how big your heart is. for mine I used 10 nails. If the wood is hard and it is too difficult to hammer the nails in, then you can use a drill to pre-drill the holes with a small drill bit and then nail the nails in.

Step 5: Wrap the Yarn Around the Nails

Pick a yarn color that goes well with the paint color you have chosen. I chose 3 colors red, purple and white for the edge. To start, tie the color you want to use to a nail and wrap it twice around and move on to the next nail (as in picture). After it is mostly filled in you can start to weave a cut section of yarn through the others. To tie the yarn off just tie it to a nail and cut the excess off. Now you are done! Now you can get creative and using the same technique you can create the same project in any size color or shape!

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