Introduction: Vampire Slayer Snack

Everyone knows vampires have negative reactions to garlic. Most people do not know that their lack of garlic is what leaves them lifeless, boring and bitter.  In order to help you avoid the curse of undeath and keep the undead at bay i bring you the vampire slayer snack.


Step 1:

Alright  you are gonna need some supplies if you want to be a well fed vampire slayer. Let's start with.
3 cups of water
6 cups of flour
1 tablespoon (or one foil packet) of bread yeast
3 heads of garlic
Really nifty knife
large bowl 
small bowl
Mixer ( not required but oh so much nicer

GEARED UP?  Alright then let's rock.

Step 2: And It Begins.....

In the small bowl mix the water (warm) and the bread yeast.
Dress up your nifty knife  and get to work on that garlic.
Peel and dice the whole lot of 'em, 
after all it is undeath we're up against here.

Step 3: Continues....

By the time you have finished the garlic your yeasted water should be foamy goodness.
pour the flour into the mixer.  Add the yeasted water...Slowly.   In between water additions add diced garlic. continue until the flour water and garlic are all in the mix.
Add flour or water a dash at a time to fine tune dough consistency.

Step 4: Things Are Coming Together.....

Remove dough from the  mixer.
Toss it around the table until you have one smooth loaf.
sprinkle with flour.
cover with a towel.
let it rise until it is about double in size.

Step 5: To Come Apart.....

Cut the one large loaf into the desired size pieces of dough. ( in this case bight sized rolls  to keep The vampire slayer well fed as he tracks the ancient evil.

roll into desired shape. (round)
place on cookie sheet
cover with a towel again.

Step 6: Gettin Hot Now.......

Into the oven they go 350 for about a half hour should do it. Keep an eye on them though, when they look like you want to eat them they are ready.
 for extra defense against the bloodsuckers you can add garlic butter when ready to eat.
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