Introduction: Vase and Flowers Pillow




sewing machine

hot glue gun

tape measure

Step 1: Cutting Out Pillow

Measure and cut out the size of fabric for the pillow

Step 2: Vase

Trace and cut out size of vase.

Step 3: Stems

Cut out stems with the same fabric and sew both the vase and stems on the initial fabric.

Step 4: Leaves

Cut out leaves and sew them on the stem.

Step 5: Flower

Cut out a strip of fabric and make running stitches using needle and thread. Sew the middle closed.

Step 6: Overlapping Flower

Repeat the same process as the larger flower but with less fabric. Trim and sew it on the larger flower.

Step 7: Flower Stigma

Cut out a circle from a yellow piece of fabric and hot glue it to the middle of the flowers.

Step 8: Bow

Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric and pinch the middle. Then sew the middle.

Step 9: Closing

Sew the fabric together leaving about 3 inches opening to allow for stuffing.

Step 10: Stuffing

Stuff the pillow then sew close the 3 inch opening

Step 11: Glue Bow

Hot glue the bow to the top of the vase.

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