Introduction: Vegan Pizza (Rainbow)

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Pizza is something everyone enjoys. I have heard so many vegans struggle with not being able to eat pizza.

But what makes pizza not vegan is cheese. And cheese is not the only thing that makes pizza so good.

I am going to show you how to make a healthy pizza that is totally vegan and delicious.

Step 1: The Dough

Most grocery stores sell pre-made dough. But making it yourself is easy to do as well. Check out my instructable for "Sweet Potato Dough"

When your dough is ready roll it out flat to your own personal desired thickness.

I tend to bake it in a 425 degree oven for a few minutes before adding my toppings so that my crust will be crunchy. You may not want to do this if you want a softer chewier crust.

Step 2: The Sauce

Spread out a layer of sauce on your dough.

Again this you can make or buy. I think there are lots of great options at the store.

Step 3: The Secret Ingredient

Nutritional yeast has a chessy flavor that is great for making vegan cheese sauce or for topping your pizza.

sprinkle a generous amount over your sauce.

Step 4: Cut Your Veggies

You can top your pizza how ever you like.

Choose a variety of color veggies. And don't forget the black olives.

Cut them small or in big strips. But smaller makes your pizza easier to cut.

Step 5: Decorate

Spread your veggies evenly.

You can do a half and have pizza. Or if you are creative; paint a picture.

Today we did a rainbow. Or as much as we could with peppers.

Step 6: Bake

Bake at 425 degrees.

With no cheese or meat it will cook fast. Less than 5-10 minutes.

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