Introduction: Vegetarian BBQ Steak

What to do, what to do. Your friend is coming to the bbq and you want to serve her something nice off of the bbq but not just bbq vegs when everyone else has a 6oz or larger steak. It looks so skimpy.

Step 1: The Solution

Buy a cauliflower and slice it not quite in half down through the crown to the stalk. Do not remove any of the stock or allow it to come apart. This is important.

Then taking the larger of the two halves (ok all you math people, I know you can't have a Larger Half but just pretend) and slice down through again and you will end up with a slice of cauliflower.

Now very carefully remove all leaves but do not remove any of the stalk.

Take the slice and cook it in a small amount of water. I cooked mine in the microwave. I laid the slice on a plate with a slight rim and added a small amount of water then covered the plate with Saran wrap. I cooked it on high for 2 minutes and it was soft but firm. I drained the slice on paper towel.

Step 2: Browning the Cauliflower Slice

Now take the mushrooms that you sliced earlier and fry them in butter.

Remove the mushrooms and set them aside. Add more butter and brown it in the pan and when it is very well browned, with an egg flipper, set the slice in a heated pan of browned butter. Cook the slice until it is browned and a little crisp, do not burn. Turn the slice and brown on the other side. When both sides are browned, remove the slice to the serving plate. Warm the mushrooms that were set aside. I did this in the microwave. Smother the slice in mushrooms and add sauce to taste. Add other vegetables that are being served. You will have a plate filled with vegetables but looking more like the other plates being served.